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Partnership Teamtailor & Happyr

Partnership Teamtailor & Happyr
Happyr is delighted to announce a new partnership with Teamtailor!
The objective of this partnership is to make it safer and easier to recruit the right candidate for both the experienced recruiter and for those who do not recruit on a regular basis. Teamtailor & Happyr combine the best of both our platforms and create an even more powerful recruitment solution that adds value for both organizations and candidates. We’re bringing Happyr’s unique matching technology together with Teamtailors broad range of functionality and features!

Founded in 2013 and loved by 100,000+ users and 3,500+ organisations of all sizes and verticals, Teamtailor is an ATS that aims to disrupt the HR tech space by changing the way companies think about recruitment.

Designed to help recruiters and HR managers track job applications, businesses are able to strengthen their employer brand and revolutionise their recruitment process, all in one platform. Unique features such as automated triggers, anonymous hiring, GDPR compliancy and an easy-to-build, interactive career site, pave the modern way in attracting, nurturing and hiring top talent.

Since 2012, Happyr’s vision has been to build a happier society where all people thrive at work, and at the same time build profit and value for the organization. Using AI technology, Happyr has taken things to the next level to reach this vision by providing Recruitment Intelligence.

The matching software, HappyrMatch, ultimately has been developed to bring together the right individual with the right employer. Data is collected from several different types of tests, done by both the candidate and the employer. Matching is then processed using algorithms that analyze both parties. Examples of factors that are analyzed include culture, values, personality, driving forces and problem-solving ability.

With over a million matches, HappyrMatch helps to predict which candidates will flourish at your company using machine learning. Each new match uses lessons learned from previous recruits, evaluating short-term and long-term feedback data from candidates and employers. Machine learning gives the matching algorithm higher precision for each recruitment.

Integration and benefits
The integration is now live and available to all HappyrMatch customers with a Teamtailor account – and can be found in the Teamtailor marketplace.

To complete the setup of the integration, simply define the key aspects of your organisation; such as the job roles you’re recruiting for, your company culture and other matching types.

You can also add automated triggers with a desired matching type (for example “Dream Candidate” Match or “Culture” Match) at different stages of the recruitment process. The candidate will receive an email with a link to the HappyrMatch system where they can complete the match-type added. The match results will then be displayed in your Teamtailor account.

Using HappyrMatch and Teamtailor together will not only save you time and money (and grey hairs), but the ease of the systems will allow anyone in the organization to become a possible recruiting pro! You’ll also increase precision, boost candidate experience and increase diversity and inclusion in your organization by facilitating an unbiased and data driven process.

For more information, contact:
Madelene Andersson, Account Manager, Happyr

Matilda Regnér, Partner Manager, Teamtailor