Second Opinion: Design updates

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The wait is over! Our test/second opinion module has received a big make over with more features and a brand new design.

Better collaboration support

Tests are now associated to the recruiter who created them with their name is displayed in the test overview:


This also makes it possible to filter the test overview list by:

  • test name
  • recruiter name, and
  • recruiter email.

Improved candidate invitation

Inviting candidates is as easy as before, but we've added a few notable improvements.

As before, invitations are sent within minutes. But using the Invited tab in the candidate overview, you can also see if the email is received, opened or if the candidate has clicked on the test link.

If you prefer, you can also send the link via email or other to the candidate(s) in question.

Easier candidate management

To improve candidate management, we've divided the candidate overview into three tabs:


Invited This view shows all invited candidates who have not yet submitted their test result. you can see their email, when the email was sent and the email status:

  • Not sent (the email is queued, but not yet sent)
  • Sent (the email is sent to the recipient)
  • Received (the email has been received)
  • Opened (the email has been viewed by the recipient)
  • Clicked (the test link has been clicked on)

In the case that the email address is invalid or undeliverable, you'll be notified about this here too.


New This tab is where you'll find all your new applicants. This makes it easy to see who's replied since you're last view. Once you view an applicant here, they'll be moved to the Active tab.


Here you'll find all the candidates you've already viewed.

Even if you have a lot of candidates here, you can easily filter the list by:

  • name,
  • email, or
  • phone number.

Remember that you can always find a candidate and their test result using the global search in the top menu.

Interview guide

Intervjuguide The interview guide is easily accessible through the Actions menu next to the candidates name.

More info and improved navigation


  • Forgot which profile you're using for the test? It's now visible in the info bar.
  • To invite more candidates, just click the invite link.
  • Are you done testing for a position? Archive the test using the Archive link. You can always either reactivate the test if you need to test additional applicants, or delete the test completely once you're done hiring.

For additional questions: feel free to contact us at!

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